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Carpet Cleaning
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Any carpet that has not been cleaned for two years can contain up to two pounds of waste per square foot including skin cells, pollen, dust mites, grease, dust, bacteria, viruses, insects and polutants. Have your carpets been cleaned in the past two years?

Professional cleaning of a carpet on a regular basis will extend its life expectancy considerably, in addition to keeping it hygienic and looking great. Cleaning by "quick in and out" carpet cleaners, or even not cleaning them at all, will reduce its life expectancy significantly, as dirt will build up and wear down the piile.

We follow a step by step process recognised within the industry to ensure we are doing the most thorough job possible on your carpets and in the correct manner. Unqualified cleaners may use unsuitable cleaning procedures, and detergent residue may be left within the carpet fibres. This detergent residue will act as a magnet for any dirt, resulting in your carpet getting dirtier quicker than it ever was before it was cleaned. 


We ensure your carpets are cleaned using an appropriate cleaning solution, followed by a rinse with our powerful hot water extraction machine to make sure that no residues remain. This procedure will guarantee that your carpet remains luxuriously clean for quite some time after cleaning. When you add stain guard protection to this, you can have beautifully clean carpets all year round.


HKS carpet cleaning fact - In one year, a family of four will shed on average, three pounds of skin onto each carpet in the house.



How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
Carpet cleaners Edinburgh

How often your carpets need cleaned varies depending on the number of occupants in your home and our guide below will give you an idea of how often you should aim to have your carpets cleaned.


1-2 occupants is every 12 to 18 months

1-2 occupants with pets is every 6 to 12 months

2-4 occupants or more is every 6 to 12 months

2-4 occupants or more with pets is every 3 to 6 months


We also recommend vacuuming all your carpets at least twice a week as this helps to remove 80% of of the soils and debris from your carpets. We also recommend using an upright vacuum cleaner with good suction and beater bar which acts to agitate the soils in your carpet and allows easier extraction. Please pay extra attention to the edges of skirting boards with your hose attachment as this will prevent the appearance of dark filter lines which are difficult to remove once they appear.


The Truth About Carpet Cleaning

People often quote some common misconceptions relating to carpet cleaning:

  • "Once a carpet is cleaned, it gets dirty quicker"

Not true. With modern cleaning solutions and great equipment, the carpets are left clean and residue free. Cleaners with cheap equipment and poor quality cleaning solutions can cause this though.

  • "Cleaning will damage or shrink the carpet"

Not true. With regular professional cleaning your carpets will look fantastic and last much longer. Cleaners with cheap equipment and poor quality cleaning solutions can cause this though.

  • "When you get your carpet cleaned, it stays wet for days"

Not true. Before we leave, your carpets will be slightly damp however carpet protector does take longer to dry.

  • "If someone in the house has an allergy, rip up the carpets"

Not true. Carpets work just like filters and hold dust... you just need to get them professionally cleaned regularly. And remember to vacuum well under the beds!



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