How to remove a drink spill from carpet

How to remove a drink spillage from your carpet
How to remove a drink spill from your carpet

Spillage removal from carpets

Find out how to remove most of a drink spillage from your carpet in minutes.

Picture the scene, you are relaxing with family or friends and as you stand up, you knock over your glass of red wine. The sheer terror that normally ensues followed by bad advice from family and friends, bad misinformation found online from people who don't clean carpets and the potential damage that can be caused by misusing shop bought stain removers can quite often write off a good quality carpet.

This simple how to guide will help you avoid the pitfalls caused by doing the wrong thing and will help you remove most of the spillage from the carpet.

  1. Act quickly - if you delay, you may end up with a stain.
  2. Get lots of kitchen roll or an old light coloured towel.
  3. Push down hard on the spillage to blot up as much liquid as you can. Blot for around 5 minutes - stand on the towel / kitchen roll to add extra weight if needed. If you have a home carpet shampoo machine, use it to suck up the spill.
  4. Keep checking to see if the spillage is being removed.
  5. DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB THE SPILLAGE!!! You will damage the carpet fibres and possibly spread the spillage.
  6. DO NOT ADD SALT TO THE SPILLAGE!!! You might chemically alter the spill and set it into the carpet as a permanent stain or you might remove the colour from your carpet.
  7. Wet a towel with tepid water and dab any stained areas. DO NOT POUR LOTS OF WATER TO THE SPILLAGE!!! You will spread the stain and will add extra drying time to the process.
  8. Dry with a hairdryer keeping it moving all the time to prevent a watermark, or place a bundle of kitchen roll or towel over the spill and place a heavy book on it for 24 hours. This will continue to absorb more of the liquid from the base of the pile and prevent it from resurfacing during the drying process.

Watch our 80 second guide on how to do it:

Simple! If you get stuck or your spill becomes a stain, please feel free to call us for more help or advice.

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