Benefits to you

The benefits of using Hydro Kleen
Carpet cleaning Scotland

You will benefit from our iron clad 100% guarantee for your total satisfaction, meaning you hire our services risk free;

You can pay with your credit or debit card via our portable chip and pin machine, saving you a trip to the bank or a search for your cheque book;

We only use the very best, premium industry branded cleaning solutions to ensure the best possible cleaning power;

Regular cleaning by Hydro Kleen extends the life of your carpets and upholstery;  

You receive cleaner & healthier carpets and sofas;  

You can call us out for a free no obligation quotation;  

Our strict procedures and powerful equipment ensure a few hours drying times - not days;

We are fully insured for your peace of mind;

Complimentary over shoes left for every customer for carpet drying time; 

We use a pricing sructure that makes absolute sense; 

The price you are quoted includes all the cleaning solutions, machinery and manpower needed to complete your cleaning properly; 

We are privately owned and operated which enables us to be more competitive on pricing without compromising the quality of finish.

HKS carpet cleaning fact - carpets that have not been cleaned for over two years can contain dust mites, carpet beetles, silverfish, over thirty different types of insects, spiders, rodent hair, rodent faeces and cheese mites.





Environmental Commitment
Environmentally friendly

At Hydro Kleen Services Limited, we take our environmental commitment very seriously. From recycling paper from our mail to safe disposal of our chemicals and recycling packaging and chemical bottles, we see ourselves as an example setter and an environmentally friendly business operation.

As a customer, you will only ever see us dispose of our waste cleaning solutions down your toilet which is the correct (and legal) way of doing so, so please be wary of any carpet cleaner who disposes of their waste down your sink or an outside drain - they are potentially harming the environment and causing potential blockages.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

We have a range of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions which are free from detergents, enzymes and petrochemical ingredients. They are also safe to use on all types of carpet fibres and have been certified 100% food and drink grade natural ingredients by the Food and Drug Administration.

These cleaning solutions are perfect for lovers of the environment and 100% safe for use with the sick, the elderly, pregnant women, pets, allergic individuals and the very young. What better way to ensure safe cleaning in your home by a company who cares!

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