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At Hydro Kleen, we realise that no two customers are the same and that all customers have different requirements. You can choose from our broad range of packages to best suit your needs. From dog pee to newborn babies and from dust mite elimination to V.I.Cs (Very Important Carpets) requiring premiere carpet care, you can trust us to provide the right solutions for you.

Which one will you choose?



The Premiere Package
  • Our top package which is perfect for people who love their homes and want to protect their investments and enjoy luxuriously soft carpets;
  • Includes a thorough deep clean with our massively powerful extraction machine AND;
  • Deodorising AND;
  • Stain guard protector;
  • Helps to prolong the lives of your carpets by preventing spots and stains and preventing dirt absorption into the carpets.

Standard Cleaning

Our lowest priced package which includes:

  • Hoovering;
  • Pre treatment of the carpet;
  • Spot & stain cleaning;
  • Extraction cleaning with our massive, powerful high spec machine - you can see it in the bottom of the photograph;
  • A very thorough package for standard cleaning of carpets.

Newborn Baby Package

The name says it all!

You're having a baby and you want your carpets spotless and most importantly, cleaned safely with no risk of harsh chemicals in your home. This package is exactly what you need:

  • Hoovering;
  • Pre treatment with the safest pre treatment product available in the UK;
  • Spot and stain treatment;
  • Extraction cleaning with our powerful high spec machine using the safest carpet rinse available in the UK - if you were to drink this product, you would be absolutely fine;
  • The perfect welcome home for your new baby.

Pet Package
  • Includes Standard Cleaning plus;
  • Deodorising of the carpets plus;
  • Urine contamination treatment plus;
  • Pet friendly rinse of the carpets that will not affect your pet’s health;
  • Perfect for those who love their cats and dogs.

After my puppy deciding it was a great idea to pee all over my living room, these guys came out last year and rescued it. My carpet smelt amazing and they're now out again to clean my carpet again and it's amazing. I would definitely recommend.

Thanks guys
Danielle Newton

Sensitive Care Package

It is a sad fact that we all lose relatives and loved ones after periods of illness or a sudden death or we have someone in our life that has to go into residential care. As part of managing their affairs, we have to process their homes for sale or for renting out as is often the case. Often, there are body fluids and other stains that need to be treated and most importantly your needs have to be treated as sensitively as possible.

At Hydro Kleen, we regularly deal with customers who are going through these circumstances. When you use our services, we guarantee:

  • Non disclosure of your circumstances;
  • Honest advice where we think an item should be replaced;
  • A proper, deep thorough clean of the areas requested;
  • As thoughtful a presence in the property as possible.

It's not easy in these circumstances but we will always do our best to help keep things as straightforward as possible from our side.

Asthmatic Friendly / Dust Mite Killer

This package is essential for the asthmatics in your home.

Did you know that on average, for every square yard of carpet, you have around 100.000 dust mites? We can take care of this for you.

  • Includes Standard Cleaning plus;
  • Dust mite killing treatment plus (which also keeps them at bay for up to 12 months);
  • Safe, allergy friendly rinse of the carpet suited to all members of the family.

Bacteria, Virus & Mould Killing Package:
  • Includes Standard Cleaning plus;
  • Application of a multi award winning treatment capable of killing a broad spectrum of bacteria, moulds, & viruses plus;
  • Deodoriser where required;
  • Suited to properties where there have been flu outbreaks, bacterial outbreaks & viruses;
  • Our product is proven to kill SARS-COV 2 which causes COVID-19;
  • Perfect where there has been a flood;
  • Can be used where there has been a trauma scene.

Extreme Clean

Okay, picture the scene...

You have just had a party, there is alcohol all over the carpets and the place is a mess, or...

You own a rental property and the tenants from Hell have just been evicted - your precious carpets are a raging mess, or...

The dog has been shut in the living room all day and pooped all over the carpet - it feels like the end of the world,or...

You've been burgled and the place has been trashed. Your carpets don't look fit for purpose.

You get the idea.
You will benefit from our brand new Extreme Clean package which includes:

  • Hoovering;
  • Pre treatment and heavy duty scrubbing with our heavy duty, top of the range scrubbing machine;
  • Biological decontamination where required;
  • Spot and stain treatment;
  • Deodorising;
  • Extraction cleaning with our massive carpet cleaning machine.

This is exactly what you need in all the worst circumstances.

There is a package here for everyone. If you are not sure which package is best for you, please call us on either of the numbers above and we will be happy to visit your home for a free no obligation quotation to help you reach a decision with no hard selling!


Call us on 08000 463 422 for a free no obligation quotation

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