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Leather Cleaner, West Lothian

We all like to keep our homes clean and tidy, and we take pride in the way we care for our homes. However, over time even the nicest furnishings, bought from the best furniture shops West Lothian has to offer, cleaned regularly with the best household products, will start to show signs of use. Carpets may become tired in the most trod upon areas, upholstery will need airing and cleaning and leather covered furniture will need a deep clean.
Hoovering and using dust busters alone will not keep our furniture from becoming grimy and soiled over time. Pet hair and oils as well as human skin cells through regular use, build up on our furnishings in the same way they do our clothing. Of course, we regularly wash our clothing, with a cleaner in our washing machines, but our leather furnishings and furniture require special means and special treatment to get it looking sparkling clean without causing damage consistent with some home cleaning methods. Scratches easily occur on leather fabrics, and the professional cleaner at Hydro Kleen, West Lothian, advise against using baby wipes, waxes or any general household cleaner as this can destroy the protective coating that is on your leather suite, put on your leather furniture in the manufacturing process. Using a leather cleaner or just a damp cloth will allow you to get rid of the basic spills and marks, until the time comes for a deep clean using a cleaner specific to your type of leather meaning you will get the best results and your leather suite will last a lot longer.
Commercial businesses naturally will see a lot of traffic. With customers walking into check out shop items, staff members traversing the floors and manning the shop, and deliveries and stock rotations, eventually commercial premises will require a deep clean. Leather suites are popular in most cafes and coffee houses and in one day can seat hundreds of people. Understandably then, a deep leather cleaner will be required to keep them looking inviting and ready for the next lot of customers who wish to rest during their work lunch breaks, or while having a fun day shopping. Rather than expecting staff to clean a huge amount of leather every 12 to 18 months, you can call your local professionally trained leather cleaner from West Lothian.
West Lothian is home to Hydro kleen services Ltd, and has the best cleaning products and leather cleaning services to suit your needs. Not only that, but Hydro Kleen have the expertise needed to ensure that we use the right tools along with the right leather cleaner products to get your leather suite looking as good as new.
Andrew Allcock is a qualified leather technician and we employ his methods of cleaning and his cleaning solutions for the job. This is reassurance, that we not only care about getting your furniture clean, but we take care to pick the best methods for the best results that will last and not cause any damage to your suite.
For more information contact Hydro Kleen in West Lothian today.


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