Upholstery Cleaning Broxburn

Upholstery Cleaning Broxburn
Life happens. There’s nothing you can do about it. Drinks spill, pets make messes, and children are…well children. Don’t get upset when life happens, instead, fix the problem. And the solution to that problem is Hydro Kleen Services in Broxburn. We are the best upholstery cleaning Broxburn has, and we are able to clean and sanitise any mess that happens to your furniture. Call us today and get your home looking like new..
Our Packages
We offer a wide variety of cleaning packages for just about any upholstery cleaning need you may have in your home. All of our services are a deep clean to lift stains and protect against future stains. We take pride in our work and we leave every home satisfied. We offer the following packages:
Standard Package: We come and completely clean your furniture.
Newborn Baby Package: Just had a kid, or have more than one kid? Babies are messy and take up a lot of time. Need a helping hand getting up those stains from food and formula? We are here for you.
The Pet Package: Love your pets but they don’t love your home? We can get rid of those pet stains and odours fast, leaving your furniture smelling and feeling as if you don’t have pets at all.
Bacteria, Virus, and Mould Package: In the modern world, we need to keep our homes as germ free as possible. We will come in and sanitise your home to perfection.
Although vacuums are powerful, you need a professional to really get things clean, and Hydro Kleen Services offers the best upholstery cleaning Broxburn has seen and we have all the equipment, expertise, and know-how to get your furniture clean. When we are done cleaning your upholstery, you will think we went out and bought brand new furniture. The results are like night and day.
We Give You a Healthier Home
Your home may be making you sick. Allergens like mites, dust, and bacteria are living in the upholstery of your furniture. That’s just nature. Hydro Kleen Services will come in and clean and kill all of those organisms to help those who have asthma and other respiratory ailments.
A Complete Upholstery Clean
When we come to your home to clean your upholstery, this is what you can expect:
A complete steam of all furniture to get deep into the fabric to its core to eliminate stains and spills.
A full treatment of the upholstery to prevent future stains from setting in and leaving permanent changes to your chairs, couches, or other upholstered furniture.
Our expert cleaners provide the best upholstery cleaning Broxburn has to offer, and you will look at your furniture after we’re done and think your furniture is brand new.
Contact Us Today
Call Hydro Kleen Services today at 08000 463 422 or 07789 007 072. You can email us at info@hydrokleenscotland.co.uk. Our expert upholstery cleaners are standing by to turn your stained and soiled furniture into a showroom piece once again. Don’t hesitate, call now and transform your living space with a quick deep clean.

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