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Carpet Stain Removal, West Lothian

As you kick off your shoes and rub them cosily over your cream deep pile shag rug, glass of red wine in your hand (or a coffee if it’s a week night) and get ready to enjoy a bit of telly or a good book, you are prepared for a relaxing night in at your West Lothian home. Then you suddenly flinch as you hear the words, “don’t spill that drink and stain my nice cream carpet!”
Most people find that when they are on edge about something like that happening, it usually ensures that sooner or later, it does. What’s the answer then? Some might feel that they have to always opt for a darker carpet, or go without that glass of red or cup of coffee in the rooms with the best carpets. However, accidents do happen and it is a shame to apply the rule that you can’t have the décor and style that you want, or the drink and foods you enjoy, just because mistakes occur. Even chocolate can stain and nobody wants to go without chocolate, especially on a relaxing night in.
Even the most careful of us can at times spill or stain a carpet. When this happens, you need not panic. Not when you have one of the best cleaning teams in West Lothian to rely on for carpet stain removal.
Hydro Kleen Services Ltd. located in West Lothian Scotland are here to provide you with the cleaning skills and products needed to achieve expert carpet stain removal. Grass or mud stains from footwear, or from house plant spillages, ink marks, a red stain from tomato juice or the aforementioned wine are all removable using our professionally chosen equipment and leading professional cleaning products available.
Our services include full cleaning and restoration services of your chosen carpet, upholstery, rugs and hard floor surfaces. However, we know that apart from the regular cleaning program you undertake in your home, as well as the annual cleaning we offer you as part of our services, that when spillages occur, they need seeing to more urgently. They need carpet stain removal as opposed to an overall clean. Especially if you have a special occasion coming up, or even just guests that are visiting, you want your home to look its best.
Carpet stain removal requires different methods and stain removal products depending on the type of spillage that has occurred. If it is a sticky grease stain, the removal technique will differ from a stain from wine or coffee. Using the wrong cleaner can make the stain worse and removal of that stain can then get tougher. Choosing to call Hydro Kleen, from west Lothian, instead, is the best option, as they have a vast knowledge of what is required for professional stain removal results.
The team at Hydro Kleen, West Lothian are so confident that they can provide effective stain removal from your carpets, rugs, and upholstery that they offer a 7- day guarantee on all of their work. For more information, contact Hydro Kleen of West Lothian today.

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