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Hard Floor Cleaner, West Lothian

When it comes to cleaning companies, you may be forgiven for thinking of the services offered only include soft furnishings such as wool carpets and linen or suede, acrylic or nylon sofas and armchairs. However, at Hydro Kleen in West Lothian, Scotland, we offer hard floor cleaning for a host of different floors.
Marble flooring, ceramic and porcelain flooring, as well as slate flooring and even stone flooring, are just some of the floors we are equipped and able to clean in West Lothian. In order to give you the best services in this area we have invested a lot of time, care and money into making sure we have the best products on the market, along with the best training and knowledge there is when it comes to hard floor cleaning. Some of the hard flooring we have come across in the properties we service in West Lothian, are hundreds of years old. That is why extra care and attention is given, not only to ensure no damage occurs during the hard floor cleaning process, but for our cleaner to provide you with a shining and pristine floor, then able to adorn your home for many more years to come.
Some of our customers have wished to restore their home in West Lothian, using the original features that were put into the home during its original building. We can be on hand to help and can support you in any of your future restoration projects in West Lothian. Not only that, but our cleaner will have on hand the most appropriate floor sealer to give your hard floor the best finish; therefore, keeping the clean condition we leave your flooring in, lasting longer. We have many different finishing seals, but have the expertise to select the right one for your particular hard floor surface. We can also tailor the finish to your personal taste, as we can provide a shiny gloss like finish or the natural matt look. Our expert hard floor assigned cleaner can advise you on which one is best for you and your property. This will also work to give your hard floor added protection against staining and scratch damage.
Our training comes from the best in the business, equipping ourselves with the superior knowledge of top UK's stonecare providers, Nu-Life and Tilemaster. We are so confident in our work that we offer you a 7-day guarantee. However, before we even leave the property, we check to ensure you are happy with the service provided, and make sure we do not leave until you we have heard that you are satisfied with how your hard floor looks, and are happy for us to go.
So, not only can residents of West Lothian count on Hydro Kleen to clean their carpets, upholstery, rugs and leather, a cleaner can also be on hand for your hard flooring at your home or business premises.
For more information, or to call us out for a cleaner to visit and advise you on the best service for you, contact us at Hydro Kleen Services Ltd. in West Lothian today.

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