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A beautiful carpet really adds something special to any room of the house. It makes a room feel cosy, keeps us warmer, adds colour and gives depth to a room. However, the fact is, with the amount of traffic that one carpet experiences in a life time, this can often hinder the choice we make, and interfere with our preferences and our tastes, when choosing a carpet for our homes or business premises. In an effort to make sure we save money, and keep our carpets for longer, we may choose to have a short fibre carpet such as a cut pile, that has the exposed fibres sheered off making it tough and less wearing than other carpets, when really we would prefer a long cut pile carpet such as a Saxony carpet, which has a very soft and dense short fibres that creates a lush, fluffy surface.
It is indeed wise for a person to think about the room they are decorating and furnishing, and weigh up what is best when they are choosing a carpet. However, it is a shame to feel like you can’t have something if it really seems to fit the description of what you were originally looking for. The solution? You can employ the expert knowledge and services of a professional carpet cleaner from West Lothian, who can clean your carpet regularly, keeping it in good order and helping it last longer.
Hydro Kleen Services Ltd. located in West Lothian, Scotland recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned, depending on the amount of people living and using the carpeted rooms, anything from every 3 months to every 18 months. Living areas, for example, that are home to 2-4 occupants and have pets may need and wish to have their carpets cleaned more regularly than they would for bed rooms or a study area that only have limited traffic use. Some also may choose to hire a carpet cleaner more often if their carpet is a light colour or has long fibres as mentioned previously. However, the truth is, that no matter what the colour of your carpet, or the fibre length, carpets hold a lot more dirt and grime over time than you may realise.
Whereas vacuuming your carpets regularly does help to remove about 80% of the soils and debris left behind through use, other pollutants such as skin cells, pollen, dust mites, grease, dust, bacteria, viruses and insects can still get left behind. Having your carpets deep cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner in West Lothian, using only the best cleaner products, will extend the carpets use and life considerably, as well as making your home hygienic and clean.
Using expert cleaning methods in West Lothian with the best tools and cleaner solutions for the job, Hydro Kleen will weigh up which carpet cleaner products to use for your specific carpet. Hydro Kleen offer a number of different cleaning packages to suit your needs.
So, for a carpet cleaner, West Lothian Hydro Kleen is the company to contact.

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